Logo designs

Black Panther logo

Design for the Black Panther comic book, which became the basis of the movie logo nearly 20 years later. Read this article for our behind-the-scenes design process.

Show Me History

Cover-to-cover packaging for a series of tongue-in-cheek graphic novel biographies for young readers.

M&Ms Moviephobia logo

Comicraft Fonts: Meltdown

Spectacular Spider-Man logo

Back in 1996 we were hired to design unique logos for each of the ongoing Spider-Man comics. As a huge Spidey fan growing up, this was like a dream come true! The dream was short-lived, however, as higher-ups in Marvel pulled the plug on the new logos after just two issues, and returned the same old logo to all the Spidey comics. You can’t keep a good logo down forever, though — Spectacular Spider-Man found a home on the animated TV series that ran from 2008-2009. Comicraft Fonts: Dutch Courage Lite

Avengers logo

Angry Birds logo


The Autumnlands

We had a blast designing the logo, lettering, book collections and 1920s pulp novel-style titles for this adventure series. Comicraft Fonts: Clean Cut Kid • Extra Extra

Daredevil logo

When Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti took over Daredevil in the late ’90s, they asked us to redesign the logo. We tried to take the best aspects of the Frank Miller-era swoop logo, the spiker one by Todd Klein that was then on the book, and the original logo from the ’60s, to create THE definitive DD logo. Our logo is still being used on the comic, and a modified version (beautifully rendered by Patrick McGrath @ Marvel) became the logo for the Netflix TV series… so far, so good! Comicraft Fonts: Dutch Courage

A-Z of logos, 1992-2002

Recently rediscovered, from our website ca. 2002: an A-Z of logo designs from our first ten years. Most of them we remember, many are still in use! Good times.  

Blades of Excalibur

Comicraft Fonts: Dusk Till Dawn