Bespoke Type

Marvel Strike Force fonts

FoxNext games wanted a blocky, very readable sans-serif for their “Marvel Strike Force” game. We enjoyed building a modern sans-serif with little comic book-ish details like the angled ends on C and S.

Clash of Clans fonts

Supercell used our commercial font You Blockhead to define the branding and game graphics for Clash of Clans since its inception. In 2017, we created a custom “mideval” version for the spinoff Clash Royale.

Angry Birds fonts 2016

In preparation for the release of the first Angry Birds movie, Rovio approached us to design a new family of fonts to rebrand the property across their now-worldwide empire of launching birds with slingshots. The fonts were eventually used for the movie posters, titles and credits, apps and video games, the website and of course plenty of merchandise.

Looney Tunes Dash fonts

We designed this suite of classic cartoon-inspired fonts for Zynga’s “Looney Tunes Dash” game, available from 2014-2018. Our challenge was to make something fun and lively that’s readable at small sizes for smartphone gameplay. Commercial fonts: Hero Sandwich Ingredients • Hero Sandwich Combos • Merry Melody

Fairy Tale Twist fonts

For the Zynga game “Fairy Tale Twist,” Zynga wanted something “fantasy, but heavy and bold.” This is what we conjured up!

Angry Birds fonts 2010

We designed this family of ten fonts for Rovio, which they used on the Angry Birds in-game graphics and merch branding — from toy packages to theme parks! — from 2010 through 2016.

Google Chrome Scott McCloud fonts

We created this font, loosely based on Scott’s handwriting, for his comic projects. The first use was for the widely-read comic book that accompanied the launch of Google Chrome in 2008. Commercial version: Scott McCloud Font